Moving to Readify!

This week I signed a contract with Readify! so in a couple of months I will move out to Australia and start working along with some of the most talented developers on earth!! I’m so excited about this move. There is a lot of promising facts and policies they have out there like Professional Development Program, hiring form the top 5% of developers in the world,  a big number of MVP’s are around and a wide range of project areas that they cover.

What drew my attention to Readify are actually two of the most talented developers in Egypt who started to work there : Mohammed Mousa or Moses Of Egypt and Mohamed Meligy The GuruStop guy

Anyway I hope to achieve those goals now: growing technically by involving in their community, Professional Development Program and involving in projects. Also working in a more productivity-help environment that I actually don’t find in Egypt right now. I hope things will be better in Egypt in future but now I looking forward to escape for a while seeking more relaxed environment.

Their recruitment process was fantastic, I liked working on their puzzles (actually I don’t know why they called it puzzles…what I did was not looking like a puzzle to me) And I loved their HR interview, it was so friendly. I don’t think I did well in the technical interview (well I think it was good enough to allow me to join as a developer) but I liked the debugging test – a test of live debugging some very buggy piece of code 🙂 – and I think I did well in it. I loved the personality test Idea far more better that traditional painful IQ tests (thank God they don’t do IQ tests outside of Egypt I guess). Also I loved meeting with Faith Rees, acting State Manager of Victoria she was so friendly and understanding.

I will join Melbourne team I think its a wonderful city. A couple of Egyptians I know who lives in different cities envy me for it but they told me its very cold in winter…however I’m not a hot/sunny fan so lets see 🙂

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16 Responses to Moving to Readify!

  1. Ahmed Tolba says:

    ربنا يوفقك

  2. Varun Maggo says:

    After Reading your blog and Mohamed Meligy The GuruStop guy blog, i feel like trying out my luck!!!
    By the way how is your experience so far? Have you moved to Melbourne ?
    Do Reply

  3. harouny says:

    go ahead you want regret it. I will be in Melbourne after 10 days, however my experience so far is wonderful. I will be happy to help u with anything.

  4. Manish says:

    how was your technical interview ? I have a potential tech interview scheduled with Readify.

  5. Manish says:

    Also could you let me know what kind of questions were asked in technical interview?

  6. harouny says:

    Hi Manish, It Was good, very friendly and it went OK. My tips would be to concentrate on what you wrote on your CV. When it comes to the debugging test, you will be given a small app that fails and your job will be to make it run as designed…but don’t think that its your job is just to fix bugs…your job is to show what is your approach of fixing those bugs.
    Good luck and enjoy!

  7. Jagan says:

    Hi , Harouny,
    Could you please tell what kind of debugging application will they give. ?? what type of framework will it be ..IF you have any example could you share as it be useful to do a demostration

  8. Anshu says:

    Thanks for sharing the information. How much time did it take for other interviews / processes to complete after the technical round? I have recently taken the technical interview with the debugging test and the feedback was positive. I was told that there would be a couple more rounds but since then I have not heard from them. Just wondering if this delay is normal?

    Anshu Dutta

  9. harouny says:

    Not much, maybe 3 or 4 weeks for the whole process. I think what happened in your case is Xmas vacation, the whole company was on holidays for a couple of weeks. Good luck! let me know what happened.

  10. harouny says:

    Sorry for not following this thread.
    I think in most cases its just a C# console app. Sorry I cannot give you any samples, its quite simple though.

  11. Anshu says:

    Thanks for your response and good for you that you did not have to wait much. I am not sure whats going on with mine though. I spoke with the recruiter after the holidays and I am still awaiting her response. I was interviewed for the role of senior developer / consultant three weeks back (which went pretty well), but now she says that the role is not open anymore. But I can see three to four such roles advertised on the website in different locations. I was asked if I would be interested in other roles to which I said yes. I was really impressed with the company profile and the kind of work they are involved in. I thoroughly enjoyed the technical interview but I did not expect the recruitment process to come to a standstill midway after everything went so good. I am not sure if this happened with others but I was really looking forward to the other rounds. I guess I have no other choice but to wait and see.

  12. RJ says:

    I had the tech interview last week… Oh… that was quite in-depth. Did some really well, but some not that well. Took almost 2 hrs… Let’s wait and see… I think I’ll be really lucky to get an offer.

  13. roshanwmd says:

    I had the technical interview last week. That was well in-depth… much tougher than I thought and took almost 2 hrs. Answered some pretty well and some blanked me completely. I will be really lucky to work at Readify.

  14. jeena says:

    Hello Hemly

    I’ve passed the technical interview, can you tell me about the cultural interview and the state manager interview?
    What is the main concerns that the state manager may ask about?

  15. harouny says:

    Congratulations 🙂
    The state manager interview is the last step, Its just a friendly chat with one of our awesome state managers, no pressure at all 🙂

  16. jeena says:

    Hello Harouny,
    Thanks for the reply, I’m wondering if Melbourne would be the best place for me or Sydney.
    Can you tell me more about your life experience in Melbourne .


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